Mining is the process of earning resources with different tools (NFTs). There are 3 resources: OIL, GOLD and IRON. Each NFT can mine only 1 resource.
Every tool has different health/energy values they need to mine.
Mining takes one hour for each tool, after this time you are able to claim your reward. Health and energy are subtracted instantly after you start mining.
The reward you get after mining is calculated by this formula:
Profit=BasicReward+SeasonBasedReward∗SeasonIndex∗SphereMultiplicatorProfit = Basic Reward + Season Based Reward * SeasonIndex*Sphere Multiplicator
Energy - a resource player needs in order to perform actions in-game. Can be replenished with OIL.
Tool health - a resource that defines the tool's health and is used to perform actions in-game. Can be replenished with IRON + GOLD.
To explore specific characteristics of each tool, visit the GAME NFTS section.
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