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Magnate contract (Pass NFT)

Magnate contract is a special feature in the Real Magnate game that gives huge advantages to its owners
  1. 1.
    Magnate contract gives a possibility for players to mine at 2 different spheres at the same time. By default, each player may have only 1 sphere being active. For example, if you have 1 Oil rig and 1 Iron Machine, you can't mine with them both without a magnate contract, you're able to finish one and then start another.
  2. 2.
    Magnate contract prolongs mining without your interaction. With a magnate contract, you don't have to start mining every hour, it multiplies the time of mining, reward, energy and health you need to start.
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    Increases mining profit in case of having upgraded sphere.
So, how can you get it? Simple, in-game magnate contract — Pass NFT. By staking Pass/Premium pass, you get your magnate contract.
There are 2 levels of contracts: level 1 for the default pass, level 2 for the premium pass.
Contract level
Mining multiplier
1 (Silver pass)
2 (Premium pass)